TREND ALERT: Tall Tees and Very Long Shirts

NYFW spring/summer 2015

Spotted at NYFW Spring/Summer 2015

A lot of tall tees and very long shirts were spotted on the runways as well as the streets at NYFW Spring/summer 2015
So before you start wondering what these tall tees are, lets go back 10-15 years and picturise a hip-hop artist doing his moves, BINGO! these type of tees exactly, but with reforms to the fit and the prints. I am┬ánot advocating you to start buying over sized tees and dress shirts. I am talking of slim-fit long shirts paired with jackets, sweatshirts, and even suits, which keeps the whole thing masculine and makes use of the shirt’s endless layering potential. It’s an advanced move, you ought to try!
Here are some super dapper men who were spotted on the streets.

Look and learn!

Balance off the longline tall tee with a fitted skinny denims and a sleek pair of vans. Dont forget to put on that hat!

dapper men

This classic colour combination gets an easy update this season. Throw in a pair of bright trainers and look crisp around the clock. Wear classic white very long shirt with a a pair of black skinny-fit jeans and pop culture trainers for an urban take


Throw your legs into some comfortable jog pants an pull on a classy black tall tee, this street look is one classy swag this season. You can also team this outfit with alexander shoes instead of the trainers as shown above.

I hope you guys got a taste of this trend that is setting in for the season. But, this is not the only trend setting in so keep following for more. LONG LIVE FASHION! LONG LIVE DAPPER MEN!



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